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Thank you for your interest in using MIPSpace in your email environment. We have made the MIPSpace list accessible on a subscription basis, however we have kept the pricing as low as possible to help the majority of the people who have the need to reduce the amount of 'Junk Mail' or email advertising to their systems or their users.

The subscription models are simple, and the method you choose is up to you. You should look at the benefits that each of the two models offer before choosing, and make sure your email technology will support the method you chose. If you have any problems with using this subscription service you can receive more information or help by using our Contact page or by emailing sales@mipspace.com.

We have kept the service as simple as possible. Choose one of the following plans (See RBL vs BMS):

MIPSpace RBL Subscription Service:

  • Pay by Credit Card Only, Month to Month
  • Subscription is based on IP Address/Email Server using the RBL
  • Single Email Server Pricing
  • $50.00 / month

MIPSpace BMS Subscription Service:

  • Requires the appropriate BMS Client Program for your Mail Server
  • One Time Fee - $350.00
  • Annual Subscription Service, Single BMS Client Program/Email Server
  • Annual Subscription Pricing
  • $500.00 / year

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