"You are getting this email because you have agreed to 3rd party offers..." - When does marketing email become spam?

MIPSpace Statistics

MIPSpace Statistics
MIPSpace Statistics

It is estimated that over 90% of emails sent out today are unwanted junk mail. Traditionally, most blocked email was from trojans, bots and other infected messages. Traditional AntiSpam technology is effective at stopping this type, however the most reported problem now is excessive email marketing. The amount of marketing email being sent out is now reaching intolerable amounts. MIPSpace uses innovative technology to detect and block such activity and UBE (Unwanted Bulk Email). Using IP reputation technology the average ISP blocks can block about 80-90% of UBE (see http://www.spamrats.com/ip_reputation_spam_stats.pdf as an example), however they only block about 40% of email marketing. The other 60%* which is not on traditional IP reputation lists is caught by MIPSpace. Below is a breakdown of customer statistics of blocked emails based on an average ISP company.

Average Block Lists Breakdown
Emails Blocked by traditional blacklists ~40%
Emails Blocked by adding MIPSpace ~60%*

* The 60% statistic is calculated based on the average ISP's 700,000 emails.

MIPSpace is the current leader when it comes to IP Reputation technology and getting rid of junk email. Not only that but, one of our ISP customers report that our unique block lists are nearly three times more efficient at stopping marketing email than all the other competitors combined.

Another one of our customers reports that MIPSpace is nearly five times more efficient than any of the leading competitors.