"You are getting this email because you have agreed to 3rd party offers..." - When does marketing email become spam?

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q) Why are you blocking my email?

A) We don't block email. We provide a list of IP addresses associated with known email marketing campaigns - some good and some bad - and then your provider, or your system admin MAY use this list to block email, but the decision to use the list is theirs... and yours.

Q) I am a professional email marketer, but I don't want to be listed. What should I do?

A) Sorry, there is nothing wrong with being an email marketer, but this list is explicitly for people who do not want to receive your marketing materials, or anyone's for that matter. It's like calling the Post Office and saying, "No Junk Mail Please". As long as you are in that business, you will probably be on this list.

Q) I am not an email marketing company and I have never participated in mass distribution of marketing emails, and yet I am on the MIPSpace blocklist. How do I get off?

A) Now, this is a little trickier. First of all, it depends whether it is only your IP address that is listed, or your whole network. Some Network Providers allow email marketing activity, and if you happen to be on that type of network, you may consider moving to a different network. If it is just your IP address, and we can determine that this was listed due to someone else's activity, then maybe you can get removed. If email marketers are on some networks, and non-email marketing companies on another, this will be simpler.

Q) I am a company that does Email Marketing but, I agree with MIPSpace, what can I do?

A) Thank You! Well, to ensure that your whole network, and normal email communications do not get blocked, we suggest that you are pro-active and REGISTER the IP Addresses you use to send out email marketing with MIPSpace. This way you don't get your other email servers on the list. As well, we are working on a new initiative where you can identify yourself easily as an email marketer.

Q) I like email marketing materials! But my provider is stopping them. What should I do?

A) Good Point. You have to sympathize with the ISP that has been forced to block all email marketing material by default, because of the large overhead it costs, and you do know that you are in the minority. However, there are email technologies available that allow per user rule sets, and you can inquire if your ISP is using those, or plans to.

Q) Do you hate email marketers?

A) Absolutely not! Email marketing is a perfectly legitimate business, but you should not expect the world to be responsible for picking up the tab, or expect that people are forced to accept your marketing material. The rights of the individual take precedence over your right to make money.

Q) Why is it so difficult to reach your MIPSpace team?

A) Well, to be truthful, this is a simple service, and we can't have all our staff responding to questions surrounding this service, or we would never get any work done. Not to mention, the less savory of the email marketing companies love to cause havoc with companies that may have information or services that reduce their effectiveness. Large scale DDOS attacks against companies in this business are common.