"You are getting this email because you have agreed to 3rd party offers..." - When does marketing email become spam?

Removal Requests

Note: if you are in the business of email marketing, there will be virtually no chance of you getting off this list. However, if you are NOT in the business of email marketing, or if you run a network where unfortunately someone abused your policy of not allowing email marketing, or if you have a single server that you need excluded from the rest of the network that is doing email marketing, then our analysis team MAY consider removal. After checking the historical data and evidence we may simply deny your request without reason, but it is possible for mistakes to happen, and we do want to be the responsible party.

And if you are a company that has unfortunately chosen a network provider that doesn't mind email marketing companies (Hey, they pay well, and use a lot of bandwidth) you might be out of luck too. There is nothing wrong with their business, but if that isn't your business, you should be on a different network.

If you believe you have been listed in error, please fill in the form below, and allow 72 hours for a response.

Please ensure that you are the operator of the IP Address in question. You should check whois to see if you are a representative of the company listed in the SWIP or rwhois. Do not ask for removal if you are not, until you have the rwhois updated. (rwhois/SWIP is normally offered free of charge by most providers) Or you can contact your upstream provider to address the reputataion issues for you. If you do not get a response, you can assume that your network, or your IP Address has a really bad reputation!

NOTE! If you use a challenge/response system we WILL NOT click the confirmation link, and that might also be a reason you are on this, or other reputation lists.

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